Awakenings – 3

. . . and deep in the dimly lit library, I knew that the numbers simply did not work. I prayed, I sweated, I doodled copious notes, but no matter how I thought about it, no matter which angle I approached it, there was no escape from the conclusion that faced me – I was wrong and Carl Sagan was right.

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Awakenings – 2

. . . I lay weeping in the hot sun on a filthy New York barrio street, my face buried in my hands. The message of the play that we had just performed for a group of street children had finally burrowed its way into and struck home in my 14 year old heart – God, the King of the Universe, without sin or guilt, had come to Earth to die for me.

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Awakenings – 1

The beginning of my story . . start here please.

I arrived at this point, this nadir, after a series of events that I would like to offer to you, my gentle reader, as a sacrifice of my own. A sacrifice, in part as a catharsis, but also as an opportunity for you to re-examine any received faith that you hold – to see it through open and honest eyes.

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